The smell left lingering in a room after sex of the anal variety has occurred between two men. Usually following the word baking.
1) Man, smells like someone has been baking some ginger bread men in here!

2) See you later guys, I'm off to bake some ginger bread men.
by Bob Fossil January 20, 2008
Top Definition
One who sells cocaine
Um the ginger bread man cos I got that flower.
by Bolze January 06, 2010
Also known as "runner's diarrhoea".

The tremendous urge to expel the contents of your bowels during or after a run.

Made famous by Paula Radcliffe.
"Where did you go after the 5km run?"

"Run, run, as fast as you can..."

"Ahh... Suffering with a case of the Gingerbread Man?"
by Travburt November 12, 2013
(n.) One who runs in the face of adversity
(v.) To run away

Comes from the story of the famous cookie that no one could catch

"Run Run as fast as you can, You can't catch me I'm the ginger bread man!"
Dagg I didnt see you at the fight, you were hiding in the car weren't you ginger bread man?

Guy 1: How come ya'll didn't fight yesterday
Guy 2: That wimp pulled a ginger bread man on me
by Winine August 23, 2007
A man who abruptly yet skillfully bangs out of an awkward situation with a clingy girl who is down-to-fuck.

In very special situations, the Gingerbread Man parting theme can be sung as the getaway is made.
"Remember What's-her-face asking me to walk her home last night?"

"Yeah, how'd that go down?"

"It was great. We were at her door and she was shuffling her keys like a monkey begging for coins, and I pulled a Gingerbread Man before she could say another word."

"Holy shit, dude. She must've said some messed up shit on the way to her place."

by wilkkliw October 11, 2010
An extremely athletic person with red hair
Shit that ginger bread man should go pro
by jojojojo momo February 12, 2009
someone who can skillfully and quickly run away from the police, hence the phrase "catch me if you can i'm the gingerbread man"
Even my P.O. she called me the gingerbread man, i catch a new case and tell her ass catch me if you can- 50 Cent
by An7hrax November 11, 2012
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