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The most badass person to have ever existed. He appears in the "Kersal Massive" rap video, which is in itself a horrid video due to the complete lack of talent of the MCs. Ginger Joe, however, shows himself to be a god with his uttering of the immortal words "Yeah man, yeah man".
NOOB: Hey, I'm gonna watch this "Kersal Massive" video.

(watches half of the video)

NOOB: These guys are terrible at rapping. Hell, 50 Cent could do better than these...

(hears the immortal words of Ginger Joe)

NOOB: Oh my god, Ginger Joe is awesome!

(his head asplodes)
by buffy the noob slayer December 16, 2009
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Small annoying dirty leprechaun that sucks his own chode
That idiotic little ginger Joe went to the wrong end of the rainbow
by Lucas Brunfelt December 27, 2015

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