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This is one of the most traumatizing experiences a person could ever go through. A ginger bite or GB occurs when gingers attack. Gingers are redheads with freckles and pale skin. Generally speaking, gingers keep to themselves because there arent many more of their kind left. Now, the first question you ask is what ignites an attack? Gingers preach pacifism in order to lure us all to sleep. They typically keep to this code of conduct bc of a lack of social skills and inability to interact with normal people. Lets say that you find a ginger. What are you going to do? That's right, your going to badger them and this sets gingers off. Instead of reacting, they wait until they find you vulnerable (drunk, having sex, pissing) and initiate a GB. The GB will be painful at first but nothing more. Youll just slap a band aid on, beat the hell out of the ginger and PTFO (pass the f out). The next morning is where you notice something is wrong. You cant seem operate as usual bc the disease is spreading. Your skin gets a bit pale, you have some freckles and your hair has a hint of red in it. Dont worry too much bc you wont become a full fledged ginger. This will continue to worsen for the rest of the day. By nightfall the disease will have infected your limbs. When pirates had peg legs I knew instantly that these weren't caused by a bullet or cannonball. These were obvious GB attacks. Remember one thing: all weak animals have a defense mechanism and gingers have the GB.
Symptons for Ginger Bite
-loss of vision: eye patch
-spread to limbs: peg legs
-discoloration of skin
-redness in hair
-suicidal thoughts
by youoozetom February 16, 2011
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