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1.) A very old worn-out, yet well loved teddy bear that is still in use. It has had limbs sewn back on, lopsided limbs/eyes/nose/mouth, missing eyes/nose/limbs/stuffing, matted/patched, and/or faded coloring. It has been drooled on, used as a tissue to wipe away snot, tears and/or blood, and used as a napkin.

2.) A twisted pet name for a lover that is handicaped by some form or other being from accident, injury, surgery or birth.
1.) Wow! That teddy bear is so old! It's falling apart! She still sleeps with that? Damn! That's one gimpy bear!

2.) I love you my gimpy bear! You are so cute and sweet, even though you are missing an arm.
by irishprincess1374 July 10, 2009
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