Hypodermic needle used to inject illegal drugs.
I need a new set of gimmicks -- Mine are getting dull.
by JohnMc July 01, 2008
Hypodermic needle used to inject illegal drugs.
I need a new set of gimmicks -- Mine are getting dull.
by JohnMc July 02, 2008
garbage disguised as hard work

Piggybackers love gimmicks because it helps disguise their piggybacking behaviour.

Often, Piggybackers spend more time writing emails (or gimmicks) than actually spending time on the actual work or task at hand. This is how you can identify a piggybacker.

Typically, the piggybackers will frustrate the piggybacked with too much gimmicks to the point that the piggybacked will choose to do it himself/herself.

Praising is a critical weapon in the piggybackers arsenal.

Piggybacking and gimmicks are synonymous -- one cannot exist without another.
Piggybacker A: Have you done your part for the report and presentation?

Piggybacker B: Yea, I have done it under a hour -- it is plain gimmicks.

Piggybacked: Can you get me some tibits and a coke?

Piggybacker A and B: Sure! *Comes back with green tea instead of coke*

Piggybacked: I wanted coke!

Piggybacker A and B: We are concerned about your health!

Piggybacker A and B: I like your laptop very, very much!

Piggybacked: Really? It is a very old laptop!
by SMUROCKS April 08, 2012
A magical leprechaun that gives out free acid.
Yo mang, Gimmick gave me some free acid.
by GG September 29, 2003
someone who is disliked; someone who lies; someone with no friends
That kid jason is having a party tonight, he just has them to look cool, hes such a gimmick.
by arna671 November 29, 2007
A person of mixed Italian/Irish ancestry. From a combination of racial epithets Guinea and Mick.
Tony acts all Italian, but he's got an Irish mother, so he's really just a Gimmick in disguise.
by Andrew Strand March 16, 2007
A negative connotation for a unique characteristic to an advertisment, business, object, person,story, film, etc. that is unique for the sake of being unique or to draw attention. A gimmick normally holds no substance. Many products that try to be innovative and new that fail end up being labeled gimmicks. gimmicks sometimes end up becoming non gimmicks if it lasts through time and is proven itself worthy and becomes a tradition.
Mike Huckabee's wit is a gimmick. The band tool is a gimmick. the 3-d glasses are a gimmick. the strange twist ending to a movie is a gimmick. the video rental store's ad on tv with the sexy girls on it is a gimmick.
by eazy-x February 11, 2008

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