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1- The extreme of "gimme mine." Instead of a "swipe" of simply the back of the neck, one does a 2 handed swipe of the front and back of the neck. Use if and only if "taking yours" is deemed too light a correctional punishment or if one repeatedly says something stupid, and "taking yours" doesnt seem to be ceasing their stupid remarks.
Example 1: James- "yo man... last night i wanted to shave my legs, but i didn't know how. So i woke up my hott mom and had her shave them for me."

Crawford- "Wowwww.. GIMME SHIMMEE"

Example 2: Doug- "I went for a run to the end of Landing and outta nowhere some giant birds started attacking me!"

Nolan- "Gimme Mine"

2 minutes pass...

Nolan- "Doug... why didn't you come hang out with us last night... you coulda gotten laid by some hott chicks."

Doug- "I had to read A Portrait of the Artist as A Young Man by James Joyce. A truly compelling work of literature."

Nolan- "YEAHHH... I'll take mine"

30 seconds pass...

Nolan- "So with all your reading yesterday, did you have time to catch any of the Mets-Yankees extra inning game?"

Doug- "Nope... I was too engulfed in viewing the 5 hour long I Love Lucy marathon"(makes a triumphant fist pumping motion in the air)

by Stoltzy June 02, 2006
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