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When you've drank so much coffee that you begin talking incoherently fast. Inspired by the WB show 'Gilmore Girls', in which the characters are consistently seen glugging down copious ammounts of coffee and talking at an alarming pace.
"Shit man, I shouldn't have had that last cup of coffee. I'm completely Gilmore'd"
by Das Imp February 12, 2009

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To greatly dislike email chains. To be a hater. To hate. To ruin fun. Basically, to suck.
Don't you Gilmore me!
Damn, this party was fun until Bill just frickin Gilmored me.
by Germy Wormy April 06, 2007
1. Spineless, nut less, no balls, quality, production and support.
2. DeceptionDeceived
3. Incomplete
5. Epic FailFailure.
1. EA really "Gilmored" Medal of Honor Airborne.

2. Medal of Honor Airborne was "Gilmored" right straight out of the box.

3. EA "Gilmored" Medal of Honor fans in to thinking Airborne was a great game.

by boycottEAnaconda September 14, 2008