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The dark side of one's personality, the part that screams and shouts inside you in protest at the wrongness of society. Can be released through song and dance of a particular type, as personified by 'Gillespians', the followers of the band 'Blue Gillespie' and the members of that same band.
I really let my Gillespie out last night. I hope he didn't kill anyone while I wasn't looking.

You can see the Gillespie in his eyes when he sings.
by Ms Katisha July 22, 2010
somone who has a huge cock and gets all the girls
he is such a gillespie
by qwertyuio June 11, 2008
shes such a Gillespie
by ticklemesam November 13, 2011
A pie made of someone named Gilles. Like in Sweeney Todd.
Well, Gilles has been killed and baked into a pie. I guess he's a Gillespie now.
by sarah sponda January 29, 2011