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A woman who is visually unappealing in any way, shape, or form.
"Dude, gila monster at six o'clock."

"That bartender is a freaking gila monster."

"Why is the nude beach full of gila monsters?"
#gila monster #ugly #woman #fugly #hag
by pwrsurge13 January 14, 2008
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the largest and most poisonous lizard in the United States!
It's too bad that Brett got bitten by that gila monster today. he probably won't be alive tomorrow.
#lizard #komodo dragon #lewis #poison #dangerous
by Daniel Lewisss March 07, 2011
A person whose language is toxic; A person known for spouting fallacies he renowns to be true. See also Bullshit Artist
Oh, comes Robert. "who" You know, the Gila Monster
#bullshit artist #gila monster #bullshitter #bullshit #liar
by Foxxy Rexxy February 20, 2008
a creature of pure torture or pleasure depending on it's usage. most commonly found to be residing within the denim confines of eric bana's pants. when venturing out of said confines, it prefers warm, moist caverns and is known to burrow deep within these trenches for comfort.

will attack if provoked.
"keep your gila monster away from my girlfriend!"
#gila choke #gila #eric bana #penis #endowment
by Eric (bishop bana) Edstrom October 17, 2007
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