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A pair of tits that are really bouncy usally making you giggle as you see them. you will usally find giggle tits walking down the street and alot of girls jogging have giggle tits
dave: oi look man that chick has giggle tits
by skeet1991 February 02, 2012
One who is ignorant of their own stupidity to such a degree where they make a fool of themselves.
Oh, dont be such a giggletit!

Shut up, giggletits

Dave Cunha is such a giggletit
by Myles Stone June 29, 2010
Nickname for a girl with extremely large breasts who laughs all the time, especially after drinking too much.
Lynsey is such a giggle-tits after she has a few vodka tonics; she laughs at everything.
by Dane Reeves February 14, 2008
When a person laugh and there tits bounce up and down,used as a nickname.
hey, what up giggle-tits were you been.
jeremy you manga loveing queer your tit shake when you laugh we should call you giggle-tits.
by bid daddy southern July 20, 2009

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