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A gift from God. A gift that allows you to see into someones life with out having a reference about them.
First person "Yeah, he's a good man"
Second person "How do you know?"
First person "oh that's God's gift of discernment talking again!"
by Mr. Kipp September 05, 2007
This is a magical power that many charismatic Christians like Pentecostals think they've been given through their second baptism that allows them to know what the bible really means without actually knowing anything about the Bible, let alone the ability to tie their own shoes. Many charismatic Christians think they have this ability yet they come to different conclusions about what the Bible means. People who think they have this magic power will, when faced with this problem, respond by saying that their own gift is through the Holy Spirit and everyone else is being led by Satan. This leads to what is known as a Holy Spirit Rumble where each lunatic charismatic calls each other a pawn of Satan, and ending with each being more convinced than ever that they are a True Christian and their opposition is non-Christian. (see: Christian Persecution Paradox ).
I knew the world was only 6,000 years old because I have the gift of discernment." -or- "After I voided my bladder and flopped around like a fish in my second baptism, I received the gift of discernment.
by Rev Aaron June 25, 2011

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