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A person who takes advantage of a situation, i.e wedding, new baby, birthday, etc. to obtain as many gifts as possible. Usually by having multiple parties and or showers.
Commonly recognized during a gift opening ceremony by the fake "Oh I Loooove this gift". Or the after gift comments, that isnt the one I wanted or how cheap can a person be? And of course the 10 page gift registry at multiple stores.
Suzy's bridesmaids where getting tired of the multiple showers they had to go to and decided Suzy was only in it for the gifts...she was a gift whore.

Suzy's baby was exciting but another baby shower only meant more gifts....she was a gift whore.
by glyz January 12, 2006
1) A person who believes the "pleasure" of giving him or her gifts is its own reward and never returns a favor or respect.

2) A bitchy person who accepts gifts from people he/she does not like.
Marta is a gift whore. She accepts presents from people she talks behind their back.

Ben loathes at gay dudes, but accepts and keeps gifts from them. What a gift whore!

In general, gift whores are dishonest and will keep whatever they can. While it is immoral, it is legal because a gift cannot be under a contract.
by Master Joie March 24, 2011
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