The act of making animated GIFs animations using Photoshop, GIMP or some other graphics editing program.
Person 1: What are you doing?
Person 2: I'm giffing Teen Wolf!
by obriens March 10, 2013
Top Definition
The act of watching GIFs non stop while at work.

- Clicking the "random GIF" button on gifbin for hours.
"Damn Stacy, whend you get so good at giffing?? this shit is hilarious!!"
by wasabibobby January 24, 2012
When somebody sends an animated GIF via text message, and you can see the animation. Most commonly used when the GIF isn't giffing.
Phil sent everyone a GIF using his StarTAC flip phone, but the image isn't giffing.
by Redrider93 July 05, 2012
The act of repetitive movement, not unlike that of a GIF file.
1.) That guy has no dance skills, he keeps GIF'ing all over that chick.

2.) Damn, I set that pic as my desktop and its not GIF'fing anymore.
by ThatFriggnGuy December 08, 2010
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