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‘Gieselchode’ is the name of a common re-rack in the grand sport of beer pong. When faced with the situation of having exactly three cups left, it is in the best interest of the shooting team to triumphantly call a Gieselchode re-rack and then proceed to whip the living shit out of the opposition. A ‘Gieselchode’ is created by placing 2 cups at the back edge of the table as balls and the remaining cup in front, representing the chode. If a ‘penis’ re-rack is a 2-1-1 than it is only appropriate that a ‘chode’ re-rack be 2-1. Many skeptics make the outrageously foolish argument that this formation is called “the triangle” but modern science has proven time and time again that they all wear pink scarves and like little boys.
BP player 1: Hey partner, we have three cups left should we call a triangle?

BP player 2: Don’t you mean a gieselchode, you scarf wearing homo!

BP player 1: Yeah of course, how could I be so stupid?
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