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Abbreviated from “giddy-up” as in an agreeable exclamation. Can be used to express a positive confirmation on any topic or question.
Yo girl how’ve you been? - Yeh giddy,
Yo dogg, breakfast is ready – Ok, giddy,
Yo boi, your new bitch is fly – Yeh she’s pretty giddy,

This can also be shortened to simply – GID,

Your new Benz is GID - Thanks son
by Jezz Dogg July 12, 2010
Another word for a womans vagina or a mans penis.
I'm gonna get your giddy!
by Shelldogg June 13, 2011
a "gay" "biddy"
Who does that giddy think she is wearing a flannel with those pumps. Stupid giddies.
by Slides23 December 06, 2010
An old ladie's name.
"So I went to bingo last night with Giddy and the girls..."
by MelodyAnne June 21, 2009
n. a fantastic person that everyone wants to be with, on, around, beside, inside and in close proximity to.
i would attend my mother's funeral, but i got an invitation to hang with giddy.

i am normally an undesirable person, but i get so much attention from bitches when i am with giddy.
by piperfly March 27, 2008
One who Get with anything someone put 2gether or Organizes; To jump on the bandwagon; to be a follower
Most Folks In Gospel GoGo Are Giddy!
by TCBTONY March 09, 2005
my brother when he is stoned
dude, i am feeling giddy
by sam June 23, 2004