Another word for "good"
person1: "hows it going?"
Person2: "Gid, how about yourself?"
by SanJ Street July 12, 2004
Girl/Guy I'm Dating; what you call your significant other before the relationship is established exclusive
You should meet my G.I.D. We just went on a few dates so far.
by Mateo Alejandro April 12, 2012
acronym for glow in the dark
spec the new adidas gid superstar lows
by thawill April 29, 2010
Guy I'm Dating or Girl I'm Dating.
He's not my boyfriend, he's just my GID!!
by shortstack69 October 24, 2010
Dirt or Scum that collects on a surface or on someone
The other day, I was trying to pick out the Gid from between my toes
by Eddiebottom37 September 02, 2010
synonymous and can be used in place of cunt, twat
They gave me a scratched-up disc those fucking gids.
by Newword August 28, 2005
Normally a typo away from god.
Commonly found on efnet under #wch.
Gid damnit!
by gid March 11, 2004
interjection used to express emotions of disappointment, disgust, frustration, failure, or error. Commonly follows the word ah.
A basketball player who dribbles the ball off his foot and out of bounds may exclaim "Ah, gid!"

MAN 1: "I just found out my girlfriends cheating on me"
MAN 2: "Gid! What's her problem?"
by Hyram February 11, 2008

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