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West Of Scotland slang for the female genetalia.
Let me see your "Hairy Gibbin"
by Andrew Robinson January 14, 2004
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The act of masturbating in someone's bed, then remaking the bed really nice so no one notices that there's semen in the bed. The owner of said bed then goes to bed and sleeps in your semen.
Where's his bed? I'm going to Gibbins him.
by Double Jesus March 07, 2016
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verb - to gibbin - the act of making someone feel uneasy as a result of unwanted advances.

adjective - gibbinesque

adverb - gibbinly
" He was starting to gibbin her with his suggestive emails "

" The unwanted attention bordered on the gibbinesque"

-Believed to be North London in origin and a possible corruption of "givin me the creeps" - givin becoming gibbin. The perpetrator is a 'gibbiner', whilst the unlucky recipient is a 'gibbinee'. The majority of gibbiners are male.
by Lord Sproston July 24, 2009
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another word for sketch or freaky behavior
Hey what is wrong with that guy?" "I don't know he is gibbin like crazy." "Someone better calm him down.
by the baconman October 24, 2010
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