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A joke which arose from Sony's E3 2006 press conference.

While showing off the game Genji 2, it was claimed that the game was based on Japanese history, and that the battles were based on battles that took place in the period.

This was followed up by the revelation of a "giant enemy crab" battle and it was announced that you "attack its weak point for massive damage."

The irony of these statements has made giant enemy crab a popular internet meme.
Genji 2 is an action game, which is based on ancient Japanese history.
Being based on history, the, um, stages of the game, will also be based on battles which took--actually took place in ancient Japan.


So here's this giant enemy crab, and you...attack its weak point for massive damage.
by bottles98. June 19, 2006
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A now extinct type of crab that used to exist in Japan. It was driven to extinction easily since it had a weak point that could be hit for massive damage.
These are the fossilized remains of a giant enemy crab. If it's weak point was hit, it would suffer massive damage.
by Matt Dasher May 09, 2008
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A giant crab that you can attack in its weak point for massive damage.
by Frickin' I don't care June 11, 2009
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