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A kick ass post-apocalyptic sci-fi and dark fantasy novel that kicks off an entire novel series called the "Books of Ezekiel". Lots of demons, guns, war, alchemy, and science and one young protagonist's fight for survival amidst it all. Not to be missed.
Excerpt from "Ghosts of Koa": With a hellish scream, the creatures leaped forward, some of them skittering across the ground, others leaping onto the ceiling and skittering like spiders. All of them heading towards her. Screaming and nearly blinded with tears of terror, Ezekiel lifted her gun and jacked the trigger in the direction of the closest one.

Bam! The bullet struck cleanly through the creature’s chest, blowing a red blossom below its collarbone, and it was still coming. Bam! Another shot sliced through the kneecap and the screaming creature fell, flailing wildly like a beached carp, but even in its throes, Ezekiel could see it regroup, using its arms and remaining leg to scrabble towards her. Its wild eyes were wide and jaundiced with a hunger that was not of this world, a desire that had immunized it against pain...
by CRRice February 17, 2012

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