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Underground Hip-Hop group formed in 2005 in Macon, GA. GS4 consists of the four original members of the group, Chris Wind, Hot Flame, D'andre O'range (formerly known as Orange B.), and Legacy aka Double LL's. Members of the group have since released individual mixtapes, worked with George Clinton of P-Funk, and performed in venues from across the country. They are best known for their "Graveyard Vol. 1" mixtape. "Ghost Squad" was abbreviated to "GS4" to only include the four original members whereas artists such as Spit Phi have also been included in the Ghost collective from time to time. It was also abbreviated to prevent confusion with the Sega arcade game with same name, though it was released long after the group had been formed.
Ghost Squad (GS4) isn't your average Mactown group!
by Big Mike Melon August 25, 2010
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