An act performed by spitting on recievers back at time of ejaculation which fools the recieving party into thinking you've squirted on their back, perhaps to perform a
Dirty Emereld
dude you should've seen it i ghost nutted on her then finished up with a Dirty Emereld
by always420 April 03, 2006
Top Definition
Verb: When a man fakes an ejaculation so that he can stop having sex with a girl who cannot make him cum, or if he is too drunk. Hence the word "ghost", because the cum is no where to be found.
Dude,, that ish was so nasty, I just ghost nutt'd and bounced!
by JEstrada January 24, 2007
Masturbating or having intercourse too much; where a male ejaculates and nothing comes out of his penis
Johnny masturbated 5 times in one day and on his 5th time he ghost nut.
by davidoffcigar April 06, 2011
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