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These are special Ectoplasm seeking bullets that will tear cut through ghost like a hot knife through butter.

Although rare to fine, there have been over 1,000 reported cases of Ghost Bullets shell sightings

The most infamous use of the Ghost Bullets was when Casper was found gunned down by rival Ghost Gangs for bringing heat upon them (Casper was attracting orgs. like Ghostbusters by shutting windows randomly around high schools).
Person 1: Yo my fucking house is haunted.

Person2: You need to get your ass some Ghost Bullets and tear those motherfuckers outta there!

Person 1: Bitch, if it was that easy to find Ghost Bullets, Ghostbusters would be out of fucking business

Person2: You fucked then man.
by GhostFilesReporter November 20, 2009
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