Ghinder is a quasi-derogatory term for people of Indian descent, most oftenly used in the Northeastern part of the United States and is heavily used in the Northern New Jersey/New York area. However, it describes only those few who have a very hard time to keep clean and are new to the culture of the United States. A ghinder, also, possesses the quality of being cheap, unsanitary, and very obiedient to elders.
Damn dirty ghinder in front of me needs some Axe!
by Haider S January 06, 2006
Top Definition
A ethnic nickname for someone who was born in India otherwise known as The magic carpet land or the place where Aladin was filmed. Often used as a part of a lager word "Ghinderfoot" which describes the native tribe in which they are part of.
If that girl had anymore hair on her face she would be a ghinder.
If I had anymore sand in my backyard I would be a ghinder.
by Dave & Eric & Cory May 04, 2004
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