Someone who cannot speak coherently.
Ghetto: Man, dju hear dat rap song yestaday? she tight! her is so sexy. I want to aks her out!

Non-Ghetto: Stop speaking like shit and get some grammar lessons.

ghetto speak
by Buffalo Wings Are Good November 21, 2009
Top Definition
Language commonly affiliated with blacks, usually heard in the ghetto, hood, projects, local K-mart, etc. Mainly derived from blacks to code and hide their conversations, much like the creation of leetspeak.
A typical ghettospeak conversation:

Tyrone: Aye, lil J , we be gettin our whip game propa at da club tonite niggah?
Lil J: Yeh son daym, we gon get hyphy up in that bizzitch, muh nug!
Quentin: Foo! When we be rollin' out of dis bitch?!
Lil J: HAIL FOO! You in some hurry? Axe Tyrone main.

by couragealex July 23, 2009
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