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To play defense when playing pool. This is done by knocking your balls in front of pockets, knocking the cue ball in a bad spot, or knocking an opponents balls in to bad spots. Ususally done when behind or when playing a superior player. See nigger pool
I can't believe he played ghetto pool at the familiy reunion.
by teabag September 22, 2006
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Typically found in a ghetto, when the council have been digging up the ground and left it, till rain water has collected so much that the hole is almost full and the ghetto children and there parents are swimming around in the muddy pool
It is not uncommon to find ghetto children playing in ghetto pools in Livingston, particuarly the deeper parts like Ladywell and Craigshill, occasionally found in parts of knightsridge
by Cranberrysauce February 19, 2007
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