Top Definition
1. Rich white girls who only screw black drug dealers

2. Lexis's and BMW's parked in the projects.
1. Do the Jones' know their daughters are Ghetto Riders?

2. Yo, dem homeboys ain't paying day bills. Da repo men come and took day Ghetto Riders!

by a_brief_expert October 25, 2006
People that ride through their hood and cause mayhem and start trouble and anger and annoy people.
The ghetto riders just egged my house, call the Po-Po!
by Josh Burkizzle April 21, 2006
1>an exceptionally ugly car.
2>a pimp car under 10 grand, usually purple with gold trim.
1>wow, this escort is a ghetto rider.
2>shit, check out that phat ghetto rider, did you see the rust and gold chrome and don't forget the DVD player inside.
by scott January 03, 2004
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