Any mall which contains either a Target, K-mart or a Wal-Mart as an anchor store. Invariably has terrible food court and also, lots of mom and pop stores with plastic hand-written signs.
"So we go to the ghetto mall to pick up some cheetos for the trailer park party."
by dancing queen February 23, 2004
Top Definition
Any mall with a different mix of stores catering to a ghetto clientele. Also a poor representation of mainstream retailers.
Mall with a lot of athletic shoe stores, urban wear, dollar stores, wig shops, stores that don't exist in other malls, stores where you can see they were once a national store such as The Gap, but something else moved in and did not remodel much and have a banner sign over the Gap sign.
by kk1221 August 09, 2004
A mall with at least 2 of the following. Target, BestBuy, WalMart, Depeartment Store, MegaPlex Movie Theaters, teens hanging out ala MallRats.
Liberty Tree Mall, Danvers MA USA
by Greg February 24, 2004
a mall where a bunch of stupid goths hang out and shop at hot topic in which tha only good about this mall is that it has a movie theatre
One time i went danvers massachusetts
and fucked sum goth chick in tha ass when cumed in the food courts food it made it taste better thats how bad the ghetto mall is
by Chody June 18, 2004
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