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A $10 box Fan Set up in an Open Window. Often by people to cheap to buy an air conditioning unit!!
Man That Leroy is a cheap bastard its 100 degrees out, He got Central Air and yet he got that Ghetto Air Conditioner goin full blast instead!!
by pza97 March 18, 2011

1) Any attempt to cool a home or office with the use of a NON-condensed freon unit.

2) The concept that an oversized fan will cool a home or office when all it does is blow hot air and paperwork all over the office.
Beth: "What is that buzzing sound and why is the building shaking violently?"
Judith: "Josh installed a Ghetto Air conditioner, the compressor is broken on the roof and we need 3 quotes before it is approved by finance for repair."
Beth: "That Josh is great with GHAC repair"
Thomas: "LOL"
by thommy_boyz June 04, 2008
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