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When there is almost no milk left in the carton water is added and the carton is shaken, this creates ghetto milk.

Can also be used in most situations involving liquids and containers.
There was not enough milk for my cereal so i had to make some ghetto milk.
by ( Y ) August 25, 2008
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A drink where only about a cup or two of milk is left in the jug and you add water to it and shake it up.
I opened their fridge only to find ghetto milk and water.
by 12345678910011111111324 September 21, 2008
When there is less than half of the milk left in the jug and you squirt chocolate syrup in it, shake it up, and BAM! chocolate milk, ghetto style.
Mang, I love me some of that ghetto milk in the morning.

Fred: "Man, we almost outta milk!"
George: "Aye, dun worry! We can make some dat ghetto milk, brah!"
by ghettomilkftw June 17, 2011

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