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Verb, act of riding a downhill mountain bike in a urban center.

"Ghetto - X" " Urban Assault "
" you up for some ghetto cross? "
by SuperTim100 October 11, 2011
Ghettocross is the act of snow drifting any neighborhood anywhere in the world. Usually performed with two or more cars in succession. Neighborhoods with yield signs and traffic triangles are excellent for this, as stop signs are an inhibition to fun, and running them is illegal. See the Mott Park community in Flint, Michigan (the place ghettocross originated and took hold, due to its unplowed roads) for an excellent ghettocross layout.
Hey, you wanna go do some Ghettocross?
Yeah, lemme go get the keys for my e30 ///M3.
by jollyroger_1210 December 13, 2010

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