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Refers to the most popular ghetto drink KOOL AID!!
Mike:"What you guys drinkin?"
Nate:"Boy, we drankan that ghetto champagne"
Mike:"Aww shit, what flavor?"
by Chris Sanchez January 05, 2007
The popular mixed drink, originating in the African American culture, that is made with the mixture of Mountain Dew™ and (usually) cheap ghetto boxed white wine.
"Damn bruh, he f**d up on that Ghetto Champagne
by SmithersTheWise February 12, 2014
One part Colt .45
One part Liquid Charge
Drink and get buzz.
We getting bunk tonight! Colt .45 and Liquid Charge, got me some of that ghetto champagne...
by OoFuzzyBluroO July 10, 2008
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