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N. A phone (old school phone receiver) fastened to the user's head using some form of head-wear; in this case a head band.
My drunk-ass friend was walking around hands-free with his ghetto bluetooth
by peaches14 February 10, 2010
The act of looking like you are wearing a bluetooth, while not having one.
A crackhead walking down the street talking to himself. "Hey look! He's wearing a ghetto bluetooth!"
by Whitetulip218 May 05, 2014
When a black "Muslim" woman uses her hijab (Muslim headscarf) to harness her ordinary cellphone as a bluetooth. Usually seen on street corners in cities.
"Look over there, that black woman's got a ghetto bluetooth!"

"I'm pretty sure Allah wouldn't approve of a ghetto bluetooth"
by polyglotg March 02, 2010