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A person who lives in the ghetto, who insists on that he/she is extremely smart and rich. However when you ask this person why he/she lives in the ghetto and why he/she doesnt have any education you will 9/10 times get an answer simulare to this

- Duuuude I have the money, it's just that I dont want to show people that I have them, if they ask me I will tell them how much I have but that doesn't mean I will buy a brand new castle somewhere else, I am rich dawg, really! And I am soo smart that I dont need no education, or whatever that is!
"Friendly person who sees the chance to help someone out" - Hey you, how about I help you out and get you into a school? So you can have a bright future so you wont have to live in this place

"Ghetto 9/10 times answer"- Duuuude, I have cash, I am rich I dont need no smartass to tell me what to do! I am brilliant, I dont need no damn school, I am too smart for it! I will stay here and sit on my fortune! I found 5 cents the other day! What do you say about that huh!
by Kbry December 30, 2011
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