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A combination a severe Ghetto-ness and the emotional wreckage of an emo. One who puts on the persona of a thug or "tough guy" but really cries himself to sleep because nobody understands him. Usually involves resorting to sliting wrists with diamonds. Sometimes might use the screennames "Ghettemoscarsyo" or "Ghettemotearsyo" Etc etc.
Lardena killed a hooker but then had remorse and cried himself to sleep. He killed the hooker because NOBODY UNDERSTANDS HIM! Also, his self-esteem is a low as her low-riders.
by Pilly and Chop August 18, 2005
The general state of a teenager who is often aged in the tumultuous years of discovery and understanding. A mixture of Thug culture and Emo depression, this type of individual typically mixes the two styles together, forming a dangerous mixture.
Scrub Jake is sooo Ghettemo.
by Ophidios August 09, 2004
1. An emo looking person who acts ghetto.

2. A ghetto looking person who acts emo.
1. Did you see the ghettemo chick over there? Yeah, I thought she was attractive until she started acting like someone fresh out of jail.

2. You know Tyrone, right? Yeah, that kid from the hood that cries more than an 8 year old girl and cuts? Yeah, that's the one
by Mack-tastic Pump June 02, 2010
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