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1. The gay way of saying gay.

2. When someone isn't gay yet they act & look it, they get described as "Gey'h". Is also most likely bisexual.
1. Gay Person: I'm tellin' you guys, that guy ain't gay. He's gey'h.

2. The New Boyz are Gey'h. Along with Justin Bi-eber, and anyone who wears skinny jeans that have raped by highlighters.
by The BlackStarr January 10, 2010
When someone is moving because of their lease
Rachel: thats gayy that youre moving.
Semper: I know. Its like a new kind of gay
Rachel: it needs a whole new spelling. like geyh
Sempoer: yeah!
by Rayy5795 January 25, 2009
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