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Flower child slang for having a bad trip,also used as slang by Charles Manson to describe the feeling of developing acute senses from being raised in institutions and being incarcerated most of his life.

Charles Manson - "The coyote is beautiful.He moves through the desert delicately,aware of everything,looking around.He hears every sound,smells every smell,sees everything that moves.He's in a state of total paranoia,and total paranoia is total awareness.
1st example - "Fuck! I shouldn't have eaten that 5th hit of windowpane,I'm getting the fear!"

2nd exampe - "Instead of getting the fear like the man wants you to,you turn the motherfucking shit around to the extent of making them feel like the having their fucking balls in a goddamned vice."
by Guy Williams August 05, 2006
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