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(pronounced Get-At-er-day) An official day of the week, that is utilized to fullfill a person's sexual desires when other days become unavailable. GetAterday can be inserted between any two days of the week after midnight, but before noon on the next day. It's perfectly acceptable to have more then one GetAteray during any given week. GetAterdays are frequently formed after a drunk dialing or even drunk texting. GetAterdays are acceptable between friends, friends with benefits, or romantic interests, but never between strangers.
Also, GetAtimday (for the ladies)

Becca: Can I see you tonight?
Phil: No, i have to work.
Becca: Awww. that sucks.
Phil: What if you come over on GetAterday? *wink*wink*

*Note: Masturbation after midnight does not apply to GetAterday or GetAtimday.
by BeccaTheBoo September 29, 2006
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