a term used more so down south to describe a loud audio system.
A guy drives by with his bass hitten. Guy hears and a says damn he got that get down.

Guy showing his sytem to his friend or someone "I got that get down"
by flex1 March 01, 2006
To go smoke some pot
Yo, you wanna go get down?
by J-Nuff October 02, 2005
to agree with an action
"either you get down, or you fuckin lay down"
-beanie sigel
by jim August 10, 2004
pot, weed, marijuana
hey, ya got any get down?
i'm tryin to get ahold of some get down.
by deserae January 28, 2004
Said after someone says something that one goes against or doesn't agree with; something irrelevant or completely unbelievable. Kill it (definition #7) may also be added as a way to get the point across clearer.
Kathy: Britney Spears is so hot right now.
La' Sha: Girl, get down!


Lauren: Ludacris is so much finer than Usher.
Karee: Girl, get down and kill it!
by dr. aylen June 21, 2006
1. when somebody do some thing good, you
compliment dem and say get down wit ya bad ass.

2. then in most cases it means to get yo ass
down off something you aint supposed to be on.
MICHEAL: man, i made bout six 3-pointers last
night in the game

ANTHONY: fa real?

MICHEAL: hell yea

ANTHONY: damn, well get down lil mike
by jelisa r July 06, 2006
expressing a planned night fulfilled with pinklemonade XhardcoreX juice
"are you down"
"dude for sure, let's get down"
by OSBF LOVERS July 31, 2004
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