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The term "get ta bed" is very different from "get to bed". To get ta bed one must do so at an alarming rate. Get ta bed can also be used for sexual purposes.
I'm going to get ta bed all over you face!
by Chap0038 May 13, 2011
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1: Telling a person to shut the fuck up and go away.
2: Referring to somebody you walk by that's very attractive. Usually followed after a stare down of the said person.
Phrase telling the person to "get to bed", as in a sexual manner.

(Noun): A person you're attracted to. Using the word to replace their name.
Often to avoid any akwardness with names, mostly to just want them to just get in bed. now.
Guy1: Wtf? you cant play COD worth shit.
Girl1: GETTABED. asshole.

(Guy walks by)
Girl1:(stares)GETTABED. WTFYES.

Guy1:Hey, gettabed's over there. Go talk to her. What are you waiting for?
Guy2: Honestly she needs to just skip the get to know, and get in my bed now.
by TYLUHtrill November 11, 2009
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