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A term used among companions, associate, mates, buds, pals, friends and acquaintances when drinking. The phrase derives from a similar sounding phrase: "Get her in to you". In this case the "her" refers to the drink in question. Keeping this in mind, the word India can ipso facto be used in many useful conversational ways.
Gerry: Y'ever been ta India?
Jon: No, however I am from Quebec.
Gerry: Close enough! Get'er India!
(commence the drinking of India Pale Ale)

Gerry: Y'ever been ta India?
Attractive Lady: No, I haven't, are you a travel agent?
Gerry: I'm not, but my friend Jon is! Get'em India!!
(commence Jon getting some lovin')

Jon: You goin to the beer store tonight, lil bro?
Gerry: I aint, but I'm bound to run India at the bar later!
by Dr. India Jones October 08, 2010
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