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To get sex.

In Ireland, a man may say he got his hole when he got some sex.

Women may appropriate the phrase to mean they got laid too, despite the fact that they are the party with the hole in question, but this is uncommon.
I got me hole last night; met this bird at a bar; she was great!

I saw you leaving the party with that woman. Did you get your hole?
by Josifer October 21, 2009
The act of orgasming or 'cumming'. To get one's hole, one must get a hot goy to give one an orgasm. Frequently heard in Wezz and Bondi.
OMG that goy over there is, like, SO hot!
Oh my God yeah! Go for it, Get your hole!!
by Jamie O' Connell-Kilroy May 19, 2005
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