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originally used for/against a territorial male usually of the canine variety, however can also apply to young human males, or even older ones who show territorial displays of "Manu"(Samoan Tongan or Maori sense) or Alpha male posturing to stake there claim on a female(s), or territory (i.e. lease agreement/mortgage etc.)
and is most often used by Bogans/Hillbillies/Trailor-trash/Boyz-n-da-Hood. This term can be also associated with, "Put it back in", or "Put it back in your pants".
e.g.1) "C'mon I'll have ya!!!!".... "Get back in your Box!!!"; e.g.2)"What are you stairin AT!!!"..... "Get back in your Box!!!"
by Fry/VW6IN3/Marco/Carcus/Mucus February 13, 2010
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