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1. (idiom) To get something started

2. Get it started with your partner
Joe: Oh my girl, Jen, she's so amazing bro

Justin: Yea, well you better "Get The Ball Rolling" with her under the bleachers before she leaves you.

Joe: .......
by Nizo Gowe February 05, 2011
Originating from a dumbshit comment posted by stupid fucking Clyde on the Facebook page "DADoEM", "Getting the ball rolling" is the action of liking your own status/comment in order to take advantage of the natural, learned psycological reaction of avid social media users to "like" a post if there are already existing likes present.
"Wow, my comment has no likes just yet...hrmmm, time to get the ball rolling, fam"

"Remember guys
Get that ball rolling!!
by InSergeWeTrust June 22, 2016
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