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It is a term that is used by wanna be gangsters A.K.A wangsters in the town of Fort Lee New Jersey. It is usually used after you make a move on a kid during a basketball game and you scored, or when you don't like a kid and you want to fight him. It is a stupid term like all the other stupid terms that Fort Lee kids make up. In simpler terms you are going to make the person your prison bitch.
Boy 1: (breaks kids ankles then dunks on him) Hey yooooo nigga get sonned mai nigga.

Boy 2: yo nigga shut up you got lucky mai nigga

Example 2

Boy 1: (wants to fight boy 2) Hey yo nigga fight me
Boy 2: Naah my nigga
Boy 1: why are you afraid to get sonned
by fortlee sucks go cliffside June 07, 2011

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