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1.) Used in the first person when putting in work or seeing someone put in work in anything competitive, such as sports or video games.

2.) Used to put abruptly somebody down

3.) just a general rule, this phrase can be used very vaguely. If you dont understand, or just don't like this phrase you can GET OFF DIS MEAT!
1.) "OOH Shaq just brought the house down! GET OFF DIS MEAT!!!"

2.) Ratchet: "Stop ignoring me! By the way when are we hanging out?"

You:"Bitch, Get off this meat."

3.) "Did i just finish first in Fun Run again?! GET OFF DIS MEAT!"

4.)"BOOOOM! Did you just see Jadeveon Clowney's hit?! GET OFF DIS MEAT!!!"
by Eyydrian Benwaa January 10, 2013
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