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Expression used to describe something that one would normally describe as insane, crazy, ridiculous. Usually used to describe an act that requires the one "getting boosh" to exert alot of physical energy or display an aura of being extremely energetic. To get wild, to get crazy, to go nuts, to go HAM.

"Yo bro, lets get boosh tonight!"
"Sounds good, theres this Rave in the city we should check out."
"Sweet. Let's catch the 8:40 train to Penn Station."
(The two bros proceed to give eachother a bro handshake)
Youtube/get boosh lifestyle.

- John just benched 405lbs with chains attached! John's getting boosh.
- Lisa is going nuts at a dubstep concert dressed in an all neon outfit and glow bracelets. Lisa is getting boosh.
- Brad just did a double shooting star off the boardwalk into the bay. Brad just got boosh.
by ApolloBarnes92 June 20, 2013