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the role model for all people in australia to grow up just like him and fail at life playing runescape for 20 hours and sleeping for 4 hours
i want to grow up and be just like gertjaars
by I Pity Gertjaars May 23, 2009
Nolife #1 ranked RuneScaper. He is allergic to the sun and can be found next to his multiple computers. He e-flirts in his free time in a failed attempt to get some runescape pussy.
Bob: Hey Mike, did you pull a Gertjaars last weekend?
Mike: Yeh, I didn't leave my computer once!
by snowballman3 March 29, 2009
No 1. nolifer @ highscores containing 1 million players.
Gertjaars sucks Zezima OWNS forever!
by karabljons April 19, 2009
No. 1 on the RuneScape hiscores. He beat Zezima when the Summoning skill came out. People worship him like a god and you will usually see people going "OMG GERTJAARS!" in his presence. If he turns private on he will be spammed.
*Gertjaars appears out of nowhere in Falador*
Gertjaars: Hi.
Random people..

Omg Gertjaars
Z0mg Gertjaars ftw!
Omg Gertjaars give me fr33 st00f p10x
by Mechanicai April 11, 2009
Runescape's current no. 1 player. The first person to acheive 200million xp in 4 skills. He passed Zezima in xp, the first time that has happened since the days of Novalyfe.
Hahah Gertjaars pwns Zezima
by obviouslyihavenolife December 25, 2008