Short for geriatric – a term relating to senior citizens and a sometimes offensive term meaning very old or too old to be useful or taken seriously.

Normally used to bust someone’s balls who really is just a couple of years older than you. Contextually similar to Alice and can be interchangeably with old fart, and grandpa
Quit being such a freaking Gerry, you aren’t going to break a hip.
by finnadat May 24, 2004
Top Definition
the kind of guy that can just say fuck it and actually not give a fuck he is also known to have a big dick and although he in times he can be considered a man whore he can stay commited to the one he loves
You never know whether to trust a gerry but you cant help but love em.
by underbottom February 05, 2010
To mess something up, or fuck somebody over.
Jack really gerried up that English exam.
by civshark November 30, 2004
someone so narcissistic he feels the desire to write an urban dictionary entry on himself
qualities of a gerry:
Wow Gerry is cool I wish I were like him
by Gerry1 October 01, 2013
A really awful or mean person; someone people do not usually like. Gerry is usually conceded and rude towards others.
Gosh, he is such a Gerry, that jerk.
by The cray March 17, 2013
very hot boy with a very big afro and many hairs on his manly legs
omg! look at that gerry!!!
by afrothunda hot key kid December 09, 2004
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