The highly distinctive helmet used by Germany during WWII. Worn by both Wehrmacht and SS units throughout the war. Even today, the site of one of these pieces of pressed steel can cause piss to run down the legs of Pollacks and Frenchmen everywhere.
I wore my german helmet whilst stealing potatoes from the Irish.
by Swedish Bob November 09, 2006
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A slang term for the head of a penis, because they look similiar; specifically German WWII (Nazi) Army and SS Helmets.
Proof that Nazi's are literally dickheads.
by The Big H February 18, 2005
a) Head of a circumcised penis
and a helmet that was used by Germans, especially the Nazi SS in 1939-1945
Then Jimmy said to himself, "i love my german helmet"
the Nazis are also known for their german helmets

by PIWO April 22, 2008
A (very) loose vagina placed over ones
head and face. Is dangerous and not
always possible and can cause suffocation.
Douche: I swear that b**** gave me a German helmet
Johnny: You lie.
by Chronos9 February 02, 2011
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