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The incorrect way of spelling German Shepherd.
People may pronounce it "German Shepard," but it's spelled German Shepherd!
by lecya October 08, 2007
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a big lupine looking dog that is nearest and dearest to many hearts around the world. Ever seen Rin Tin Tin, Either of The Littlest Hoboes, or Katts and Dog? They all featured a kingly black on tan German Shepherd Dog that was the envy of any who saw these shows, and on the christmas wishlist of this author for many years since he first saw the first Littlest Hobo... Oh, yes, let's not forget Ace, The Bat-hound, Batman's furry sidekick...
Ace, the Bat-hound, London, Hobo, Toro and Rin Tin Tin, not to mention Rudolf Von Holstein Dreiste were all German Shepherds.
by J. Michael Reiter October 09, 2004
The person you play around with at work or school who is NOT your significant other.
I don't care what or who you do in your spare time... I don't care if its a German Shepard...just don't come to work/class all bit up...

That guy Alec... he's my german shepard.
by Cyrano De Bergerac III February 04, 2010
A good dog guard dog that for guarding your house
I own a german shepard. And my neighbors are afraid to come near my house

Example of an german shepard attack


After that, the person is usually dead or incaptated by a bite to the neck from the dog
by Navck October 07, 2004
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